Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

There are many factors dependent on hair loss results such as age, hormones, hair colour, hair thickness, and even stress. These factors will all be explained to you in more detail at your consultation but generally most clients will have between 6 - 8 treatments to achieve a maximum hair loss.

Each area has a certain amount of loss it can achieve. The coarser, thicker, and darker hair will always get the best result, such as the bikini hair where clients should expect to get a 90% hair loss after 6-8 treatments. An upper lip area where the hair may be dark but the hairs much finer will only result in a 70% loss after the recommended number of treatments.

On your first treatment or at consultation We can usually assess what loss you can expect to achieve after a certain number of treatments.

Can All Hair Colours and Skin Types Be Treated?

Lasers target the melanin (pigment) in the hair and therefore will not work on grey or white hair. Certain types of red hair can also be difficult for the laser to target. It will always work best on thick, dark hair. We have successfully and safely treated all skin colours in the past.

How Often Will I Need to Be Treated?

Our experience has shown that the longer you leave between each treatment the better result you get. We like to treat areas on the face every 5-6 weeks and body areas every 10-12 weeks. When a client is coming to the end of our treatments and there is not much hair left we extend the treatment times even longer to get a true picture of how much hair is left and achieve a better and long lasting result.

These treatment times are sometimes difficult for new clients to understand until they start treatments and see that very little hair comes back between treatments.

Does Laser Hurt?

Laser is not without sensation, some areas being more sensitive than others. Most clients say that laser is more comfortable than waxing. If this is something you are worried about I am happy to offer to treat a small area so that you can experience how it feels. Most people tolerate it well once they know how it will feel.

How Long Does Each Treatment Take?

Laser is quite quick and each area is different but here are a few examples:

  • Upper Lip | 10 Minutes

  • Underarm | 15 Minutes

  • Half Leg | 30 Minutes

  • Upper Lip | 10 Minutes

  • Bikini Area | 20-30 Minutes

  • Full Leg Bikini and Underarm | 90 Minutes

Do I Have to Avoid Going in the Sun If I'm Having Laser?

This has to be one of the biggest misconceptions about laser! Yes you cannot be lasered if you have a tan, but once you've had a treatment you are only heat sensitive for the first 48 hours. After this, you are safe to sit in the sun and tan, you just have to make sure most of the tan has faded before your next treatment and with body treatments being done every 12 weeks this is not normally a problem. If a client arrives who We believe to be too tanned We will always advise them to delay the next treatment even by another 4 weeks and this will not affect their long-term treatment result.

Does the Area Have to Be Shaved before a Treatment?

This is something that terrifies many new clients thinking of starting laser especially on the face! Unfortunately, there is no way around this if the hair is to be treated effectively. At consultation, we will explain to you and hopefully put your fears to rest and explain why shaving before a laser treatment will not affect the long-term thickness or amount of hair you have. If you wish we would be happy to patch test for you a small area to demonstrate this.

What Is the Cost of Consultation and Patch Test?

We do not charge for patch testing or consultation because not everyone is suitable for laser and some clients through no fault of their own may not be able to have laser. Also at no point would we want any client to feel pressurised into having treatment unless they were 100% happy to proceed.

After Treatment, Will the Hair Come Back?

Once a client has had the recommended number of treatments and achieved the expected hair loss we wouldn't expect any more hair to re-grow unless there was a hormonal reason. We have hundreds of clients who have finished treatments with me many years ago and now come back once a year to have the remaining 10% of fine hairs they have left. For this, they pay a small % of what they originally paid depending on how many treatment shots are needed.

Do You Offer Special Prices for Block Booking of Treatments?

We prefer our clients to pay for each treatment as they go as it is difficult to say for sure how many they will need and we have had many clients who have never needed more than 4 full treatments before going on to top-ups. Each area has a treatment cost, however, if a client is having more than one area treated we always offer a discount for further areas even if they are done at a later date so that at no time will a client feel pressurised into doing lots of areas at once. We like our clients to gain confidence in me and the treatment starting with one area at a time. Very few clients do not go on and have all areas treated once they see the great results!

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