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pain free!

Laser Hair Removal - Bikini Professional, effective and pain free! Yes This was my first experience of laser hair removal and Angela instantly put me at ease. She is extremely experienced, professional and knowledgeable. I've had three treatments and I am delighted with the results so far. I'll definitely be bikini ready for the summer!!!! I would highly recommend Angela for anyone wanting to try laser hair removal.



Laser Treatment of Face, Chin and Front of Neck Effective, Good Value, and Painless Yes Like with many of her clientele, Angela was highly recommended to me by a past woman customer [my then beautician]; and proved to be excellent! As others indicate, she is calm, friendly, professional, and effective. And also very happy to cater for the specialised needs of transgendered people like myself. Laser treatment does not work on grey or white hair, but does work on darker hair, and Angela was very honest about this at the outset. Sideboards and front of neck needed 6-8 treatments, about every 8 weeks, in order to eradicate all my darker hair; whilst the more persistent darker hairs on chin plus upper & lower lips required about the same number of treatments again. And although one can return for top-up sessions, I have not done so to date, and there is barely any evidence of re-growth since I stopped treatment 3 years ago. Completely painless with minimal discomfort, and prices compare very favourably with others providing laser treatment to the transgendered community. Highly recommended!

Chris From Transgender Community

Very professional

laser hair removal Angela has been doing this for a long while and it shows. Very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Yes I've had a number of laser treatments in the past and while receiving the treatments everything seemed fine but when I stopped all the hair came back. Angela was able to explain why this happened. It has been over a year now since I finished my treatments with Angela and the hair has not returned. I'm very happy with the results.



Laser hair removal on legs, arms & bikini. The results are very impressive! Yes Angela's experience in laser hair removal is outstanding. She advises a session between 10/12 weeks to achieve maximum results & in every session she maintains her clients comfort. Her professionalism is consistent & prices are very reasonable. She always wears a smile & her kind & calm nature makes all the difference!

Yiota McCann

Brilliant results

Laser on my legs Brilliant results Yes Very professional, Angela was lovely and I have incredible results.

Lucy Markson

Very happy with my hair free body.

I am very happy with my hair free body. The customer service is excellent. The treatment is not painful and I never had any adverse reactions. I would rate Lasercare Potters Bar 5 stars and recommend it to anyone wanting a hair free body. Archana Awater from Enfield.

Archana Awater

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